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"Microsoft_Subject" Tag Transfer


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If I have content in the "Microsft_Subject" tag it does not seem to get transferred to the "Description" tag in Daminion when I add the file unless the file also has content in the "Microsoft_Title" tag.


Is this the way it is supposed to work? Seems a bit odd to me. Thanks.


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Could you please send us a sample image?

I've attached a composite screen image that shows the issue for two different files. It behaves this way for all the jpeg files that I have tested. It is not file specific so I have not included the files. You may have them if you need them. Just let me know. Mardon


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Mardon, thanks for the image. Check the image metadata by ExifTool after changing it's properties by Windows Explorer (via "Actions > Show All Metadata").


You can see that Explorer in Windows Vista and 7* writes the Title tag into:

  • XMP Title
  • XMP Description
  • EXIF Image Description
  • EXIF XP Title


* The Explorer in Windows XP acts a bit differently.


And Daminion uses XMP Description field as a source for its Description tag. And XMP Title as a source for its Title tag. This is why you see the same Title in both Title and Description tags in Daminion.


Daminion doesn't import EXIF XP Subject.

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