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General question: case sensitive tags?


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some days ago I made the post


but I didn't test it with other tags.

Now I entered the the keyword "test" into Item_1.jpg and the keyword "Test" into Item_2.jpg.

In this case the Item_2.jpg got the keyword "test" and not "Test" as entered in the Properties Window. And in the Catalog Tags you have the keyword "test" and not additionally the keyword "Test".

That means, Daminion doesn't consider upper and lower case spelling of the tags.


My question: does Daminion have to consider upper and lower case spelling?


Regards, Uwe

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does Daminion have to consider upper and lower case spelling?


Hm, I think it should, there are a lot of cases where it matters if a keyword is upper or lower case. Okay, we put the names into People and the places into Place in Daminion, so in example the nicknames will not cause much trouble if a proper and common name are the same word, but what about the imported flat keywords? There are the nicknames are tags, too, in most of the cases.


It could cause trouble, especially if they're in another language.

In example Japan is Japán in Hungarian. Japanese is japán. It's the same word but the difference is that the country is with upper case. In the flat keywords those will be 2 different words, but in Daminion they become one? It's not good.




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