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Two whishes


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1- Separating the places tags


I would like to have the ability, to decide which one of the 4 places tags should be shown below the thumbnails.

Right now all 4 tags are shown in a row and this is in most cases just too long. You can see only country and maybe the state that´s all, the rest is truncated because of the limited space.

I would rather like to see the city and the place tags instead.


Another thing is the details view.

All 4 tags are shown in one column. I would much prefer to see them all in different columns where I can sort the list independently.




2- Title tag in upper title-bar at full screen view


I would like to choose another tag field to be shown at this place because I don´t like to use tags which are not existent at the tag tree panel. So a user selectable list of available tags to choose from, would be really appreciated.

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