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731 .xmp files are not created for big video files


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Hey again!

Why the Daminion doesn't create .xmp files for big video files? By big I mean something starting from 30-40 MB and higher.


It creates .xmp for video files less than 20 MB for me though.


Could be nice to create .xmp for files of any size, since it would help to restore files in catalog automatically, without setting tags for big files again.

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Before writing tags into the XMP metadata, Daminion tries to load the existing XMP block if any.

I've determined that Adobe XMPToolKit that we use crashed on large video files and thus we don't write tags into the XMP sidecars.


We'll analyze this issue on the upcoming days and will try to find a solution for this.

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Great, thanks for a good news!

Could be nice to have any chance to find such video files (without xmp tags nearby) right inside the Daminion, or to easily find unsynced files in whole photos\videos collection at all. Some kind of catalog maintenance functionality, you know... Maybe show such files in Unsynced Saved Searched category after Catalog Optimize... command (optionally?)?

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