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731 - Relink file improvement


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I'm using Daminion to organize the print quality reproductions/scans of a museum archive. Due to the advances of technology, every once in a while an art work is digitized again with improved quality. Usually I then copy the new file into the relevant directory using the same name as the previous file and thus overwrite it. However Daminion still retains the technical data of the previous file (resolution, size, etc). Even relinking the file doesn't help, although updating the thumbnail does change the picture to that of the new version.


Could the relinking of files be updated in a manner that it would also update the relevant data? Or maybe add an option like in After Effects: Find/Replace file where you can either try to find the old file again or replace it with another version?


All the best,




P.S. Any news on exporting CSV data during file export?

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Peteer, Daminion can reflects for outside file/folder changes (including updating of the technical image info):


- To update tags of a single file: right click on the corresponding item and navigate to the Actions > Read Tags from File menu

- To update tags of images inside a certain folder - locate this folder on the tags tree, select it and press F6 twice.

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I just found a really strange bug with relink files:

If you change the directory of a file and then use relink item it works perfectly. But if you then use Add files on that directory, Daminion somehow thinks that those files are new and imports them again. Can you replicate this?


Edit: One more funny thing. After I move the file and relink it, the properties panel shows me correctly that it is in the new folder. But when I choose "Show all Metadata" from the Actions panel it says that the files does not exist and thinks that it should still search for the file in its previous location (meaning, the file path in the popup is the old one). At the same time the relinking of files and showing their metadata works perfectly if you don't move the file (even if you rename it).


Edit 2: The above also applies for any actions with metadata. If you now change some field inside Daminion and try to sync the data with the files, the moved files are considered offline. Curiously, however, if you force the writing of metadata to files, they are no longer being shown as unsynced (although actually no writing of metadata took place).

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