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Query construct not working as expected


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I am curious what the best query for this scenario is:


  2. Catalog has images with People (xmp:PersonInImage) tags A, B, C and D.
  3. There are images in the catalog that conatin A, B, C and D, some that contain A and B only, some that contain B and C only, A and D only, etc; and some that may contain A, B, C but not D, etc. Think of a family gathering where various combinations of people are in the photos.
  4. I want to create a query that returns images that contain Persons A and C but not B and not D.


So how would I query that catalog for photos that contain only A and C and nobody else? Thanks.

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That's really unfortunate.It seems like the Person tag is being stored as a blob rather than descrete values. This is a limitation for me and one I hope you will re-consider in the near future.


No. All the tags that you can see on the Catalog Tags panel - are discrete values, inlcuding People tag.

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