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Minor bug in Select All after Show All


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I've stumbled upon what seems to be a minor bug that occurs with using "Select All" after having used "Show All".


I am able to successfully use "Select All" in any other circumstance. "Select All" will work correctly when all or a subset of the thumbnails are showing in any other situation. But if click on "Show all" and then click on "Select All", nothing happens. Even after this bug happens, if I then cause all the photos to display, say by clicking on a keyword that is currently in all the photos, "Select All" will work correctly. I can also select all the photos by clicking on the first and last photo while holding down the Shift key. But if I want to do it the easy way via "Show All" and then "Select All", I can't. This happens even if the catalog consists of a single photo.


I've tried this in several catalogs and after rebooting, but the bug, if it is a bug, is still there. I tried to find a reference to anything like this in the forum, but couldn't.


I'm using version 0.9.8 (build 716).

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Thanks for the info. The problem occurs because of the losing the input focus by Thumbnail area after pressing the Show All button. As a temporary solution I can suggest you to click on any place in the Thumbnail area or select a thumbnail and then press the "Ctrl + A".

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