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Tray selection not persistent


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I just tried and found out that the selection of images for the tray window is not persistent between sessions. So when I close Daminion and open it the next day to continue selecting images my work from the previous day is gone.


From quickly checking the DB structure this seems intentional as there is no field/flag for selected images. However it might be a good idea to implement persistant selection:


1. I can continue selecting at a later time when I need/want to close Daminion in between

2. If Daminion or the computer crashes for whatever reason my work is poof

3. I could share selections between users and have one select a couple of images and the other some more

4. Since the API is not accessable from non MS languages (;P~) the selection could work as a poor mens way to pass images to a different application.


Kind regards


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The main problems here are:

- You can add media items to the Daminion's tray from different catalogs

- To load the tray items you have to have opened all the catalogs where the items from tray are located.


It will be easy if Daminion could serve only one catalog per time.


What we can do to improve the situation:

1. Add an option to quickly save the Tray items as a new collection.

2. Add hot-keys or some visual buttons to each (or to first 10) collection tag. So you can quickly assign an item to a collection by a hot-key. This might be useful when you need to quickly sort the items, but assigning a color label is invokes a time-consuming background thread for each operation (even for rejected items).

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Yes, I didn't think about the multicatalog feature (or think about selections from more than one). This indeed would complicate persistent selections.


Maybe it's a nice feature for an 1.x release tho?


Until then your ideas would be a good workaround. Eventhough "abusing" collections for this purpose is ethically wrong - from a practical point it would cut down to the same. There should be more shortcuts for things you can do with the tray items anyway.




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