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Questions about custom exporter


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I am working on a custom exporter that will allow me to run a Photoshop script (e.g. the Image Processor) against a set of photos selected in Daminion. The exporter is working, but I have a couple questions.


1.) The easy one (I hope): how do I get rid of the "(None)" (which appears to be for a keyboard shortcut) on the export button? My CustomExportButtonText() method is returning the string "Run Photoshop Script" and something is adding " (none)" to that text.



2.) Since I need the complete list of files to feed to Photoshop at once, rather than operating on the files one at a time, I am doing all the work in FinishExport() rather than in DoExportFile(). This seems to work OK; while the Photoshop script is running I can still interact with Daminion so the UI thread doesn't seem to be blocked. Other than the fact that the export progress dialog doesn't even appear, is doing the work in FinishExport() a problem? Is there a better way to work on the complete set of files that were "exported"?

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Seems it will be a cool export plugin.


1. Fixed. Thank you!


2. The FinishExport() method is invoked after invoking the DoExportFile() method for all exporting files and after closing the Exporting progress window.


The exporting progress displays the progress of file transforming (if you selected a transformation preset differ than the "Export Original File(s)") and after performing the DoExportFile() method. You might not see this window if you:

- Didn't override the DoExportFile() method

- "Export Original File(s)" preset has been selected

- Very few files we selected to export


If you'll select a large portion of files, lets say 500 file at once, you will see the export progress window, but the FinishExport() method will be launched at the end of the export process.

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Thanks for fixing the "(none)". Not a major issue at all, but nice to have it cleaned up.


I understand that (and why) I won't see the progress window with a small number of files. I just want to make sure that I am not going to cause Daminion a problem by doing my actual export work in FinishExport().


I am going to try adding a UI piece next to allow different Photoshop scripts to be selected, so I may have more questions....

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