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Minor bug: Open/Edit a selection


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when I select an image in the thumbnailview I can open or edit that image with the registered application.


Now when I select two or more images the open/edit options are greyed out and not available. This is pretty nasty - after all its the point of a DAM to select images and send them to other applications. Having to do this with every single image means extra work and totally gives away the option to edit images with tools that require more than just one image (eg. HDR, stacking etc.).


This gets even worse in the tray-window. Here I can select multiple images and sill have the open/edit available but only the first selected image will be opened.


Generally it might be a nice idea to give the tray-window a special menu which does cirtain actions (open/edit/export/compare) with *all* images in the tray without the need to select them previously.


Kind regards


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