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670 - external metadata changes


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Is there a way to know that some metadata has been changed for some images from an external application ?


'AutoSync' seems to automatically write changes to xmp files and doesnt detect external changes.


'Show Un-Synced files' does not report any external changes.


'Read tags from file' for the whole catalog each time is not an optimal workflow.





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You can select a folder in the tags tree and navigate to "Rescan Folders..." option. All external file changes can be reflected in the catalog after Rescan...


Thanks for the advice.


I tried with modifying rating and color labels externally with 'Fast Picture Viewer'.

I tested with Lightroom: LR4 indicates that the metadata are to be read from the files, and after reading files reflects the changes.


With Daminion, using 'Rescan Folders ...' does not reflect any changes, but 'Read tags from file' refresh correctly the images (all but RAF files).

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Does 'Fast Picture Viewer' preserved the file modified date after changing the file metadata?



The file timestamp of the .xmp file is not modified.


The content of the .xmp file is modified:


xmp:MetadataDate="2012-11-14T12:37:45.26+00:00" xmp:Rating="3"



but the daminion info:

https://daminion.net" xmp:ModifyDate="2012-11-13T09:20:04+01:00"

is unchanged

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There is a minor issue with Daminion now:

It compares datetime of the database entry with actual file modified datatime and rescan this file if dates are different. This is done without taken into account sidecar files, but we'll fix this issue. Thanks for pointing to this issue!

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