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Feature Request - live folder/file changes sync


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Just a suggestion as I know you are still working on this...

I have to use an example from another program as I think it would be beneficial to this one.


I used fotoalbum pro earlier and one thing I liked about it that it had live folder/file changes sync.


It was similar to what Daminion does now.

You import the folder and it indexes it, but that folder would become "watched folder". So while program is open it watches that directory for changes outside of the program. Now I can go to windows explorer and move-rename-delete directories or files and program would capture changes and update catalog without the need to "rescan the whole folder" again later. It would not re-create thumbnails (I think not) just change path in the catalog to new location to where it was moved or renamed.


Currently in Daminion, if I am to do any changes outside in another program I would have to "rescan" that folder for changes which takes long time.


It would be nice to have that live sync (not sure what proper words are to call it) while Daminion is running.

I hope you get the point what I am trying to explain :)



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