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No .NET in Windows and Daminion installation


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I have restored my clean system recently, unfortunately without .NET installed.

During installation the Daminion installation program shows strange information (like "No blah blah blah file", sorry - no screenshot) instead of simple "Install .NET first" or so.

-- Mariusz

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Can you describe the clean system configuration?


Windows XP Home, SP3, all updates.

Only necessary apps like MS Office, Trados, GIMP, Photoshop Elements, Corel Draw, Corel Aftershot Pro, Evernote, some navigation tools. No games. All legit, no warez here.

No application needs .NET so no .NET resides in my clean image (by Acronis). I'll try to restore the system again maybe during weekend so as to catch the displayed message.

I was able to install Daminion after I manually downloaded and installed .NET 2.0 (MS installer gets also version 3.5.)


<a second later>

Yup, I've installed "CDBurnerXP" to play my new BD writer. This utility works with .NET version 4.0 so it must had been downloaded during installation. This .NET versions variety is pretty funny.


I'll try to reproduce this issue a bit later (I'm leaving tomorrow morning).


-- M.

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Hello Murat, follow this procedure to reproduce .NET problem:


(1) clean XP system without any .NET installation


(2) launch Daminion Setup and choose installation language other than English.



(3) Click Next until the installation stops with the following message:



(4) If in step (2) English was selected, Daminion downloads appropriate .NET version:



-- M.

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