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Loosing highlight in tray window


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Another very minor issue:


When I have a couple of images in the tray-window and select one of them, deleting the image (with DEL) will leave me without any highlighted image. So its not possible to delete a bunch of images in a row. The window stays in focus and I can use the cursor keys to select the next but after removal the next image should be selected by default.


Also when I am working with the tray-window I still have an image in the main thumbnail window highlighted. This is a bit confusing - in particular when hitting INS will operate with the image selected in the main window eventhough the tray-window is active.


...and again: when inserting an image from the main-window with an highlighted tray-window image and the tray-window beeing selected I loose the highlight in the tray-window.


Kind regards


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