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Feature Request - Google style searching


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as I see now Daminion is searching for the exact expression which I typed in the editbox.


I think it'd be better if I could search for simply words and search for expressions with the " " characters.


I know that I can search for only words using the Advanced Search and the AND operation, but it takes longer.


Thanks and Regards,


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Do you use a shared on a local catalog? There is a known bug with Shared Catalog that permits to use Quick Search with large databases (~200k files) due to a time-out issue of search queries.


I know about that bug, I told you about it, too. ;)


But I have no problem with the searching itself. I'd like to search for simple words and not for a full expression.


In example, when I search for:


modern buildings


than Daminion wants to search for *modern buildings*, so it wants to search for an expression and not for the words, and because those are 2 different keywords in my database, it finds nothing.


I have to use the Advanced Search to add 2 different search items:


*modern* AND *buildings*


then it finds the images. But it's a lot of time to go always to the Advanced Search.


If I search only for modern or only for buildings with the quick search, it finds images without a problem. So it's working, that's not a problem.


I'd like to search for simple words, and if I need to find an expression, then I could use the " " characters (or your * * characters), like at Google.


By the way I'm using local catalog, because I have more catalogs now because of those time-out errors.




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