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Situations when tags don't get read or written


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I’m using v0.9.5 build 596. I’ve finally found time to play around with the program and learn more about using it. I’m liking it a lot.


I may be wrong, but there seems to be a sort of bug in certain situations in the writing and reading of tags to and from files. Specifically, I’ve been adding keywords via the properties frame of a test photo, and then trying to write the tags to the file, using Actions.


If I add a keyword, either a brand new one or an existing one, via the “Add tag” feature in the Properties frame, a small red start appears next to the “Keyword” title. I imagine this means that there is unwritten data to be handled. But if I then use the Actions command to Write Tags to the file, nothing happens.


I can verify this by checking the “Show all metadata” command or by using the “Locate in Explorer” command and then looking at the properties of the photo in Windows. The newly assigned tag is not in the file. By trying various things I found that the only way to allow the tags to be written to the file is to click on the radio button for the Keyword in question in the left Catalog Tags frame.


When I add the keyword in the Properties frame, it will appear greyed out in the Catalog Tags frame, if the keyword is brand new. But then if I click on that Keyword’s radio button, the Keyword changes to a black font, and after that I am able to use Actions to write the tags to the file – which I have verified.


If the keyword wasn’t a new one, then the old count of files using the keyword still displays, and it isn’t until I click on the radio button that the count is adjusted and then I am able to write the tags to the file.


A similar situation holds for deleting keywords via the Properties frame.


I haven’t found any mention of this problem in the forum or in the online documentation. In general the Catalog Tags and the Properties frames seem not to be adjusted in real time with respect to these operations. But if someone is manually trying to write out tags, doesn’t the program know that the newly assigned tags (the one with red stars) have not been accounted for in the Catalog Tags frame, and knowing that, can’t the program either warn the user or carry out the update of the Tags frame automatically and then carry out the requested writing of the tags?


I haven’t checked the Sync command yet to see if it doesn’t know about right-frame tag changes.


I apologize if I’ve missed something obvious.

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The red star in the Properties panel means that your changes has not been applied and saved as Tags (into database) yet.


You need to press the "Save" button on the bottom of the Properties frame OR select another photo to apply your changes.


Then "Action > Write Tags to Metadata" should works.


You can also switch Auto-Sync (Tag > Metadata) feature on, so all you changes will be applied into metadata automatically.


BTW, please update your Daminion to 0.9.5 (597) version - there are a few minor bug fixes.

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