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Daminion 0.8.3 beta released


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Direct link to download


What's new:

  • Added a new panel to display the active query filter
  • Added the display of GPS coordinates
  • Added Hot Keys for quick tag selection
  • Added support for MTS and M2TS video format
  • Quick search condition now reflects on filtering content by selected catalog tags
  • Low resolution images are now printed correctly
  • Fixed bug when adding files to the Tray panel
  • Fixed bug when closing a catalog that contains any corrupted file formats
  • Fixed a few bugs related to moving files between catalogs
  • Improved and optimized tag statistic calculation
  • Fixed bug when removal of tags is not reflected in the file metadata
  • Fixed a few bugs during export
  • Fixed bug that prevented some folders being displayed in the Catalog Tags Panel
  • Resolved about 20 other minor issues


More info will be available on our blog tomorrow.

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