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"Error: 42703: column 'type' does not exist" after upgrading from 7.6 to 8.4 and now I can't access my catalog


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I just upgraded Daminion Server from 7.6 to 8.4 and now when I launch Daminion Client I receive the error in the title and the catalog won't open. I've attached a screenshot of the error. I thought maybe the username/password was incorrect so I deliberately entered the wrong password and I received a different error that the password was wrong. So I tried again with the correct password and I'm back to the error below. Does anyone have any thoughts about how I can resolve this?

And Daminion Server Admin shows that everything is running fine.



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Here's a couple of additional items I just discovered:

  • When I go to Daminion Server Admin | Users, the users view is empty. There are no users listed. So I attempted to add a user with the same username and password as I had in Daminion 7.6, and it gives me an error saying the user already exists.
  • I attempted to add a new user, and I get an error saying "ERROR: 42703: column 'type' does not exist
  • I attempted to logon to the Web UI and I get an incorrect username or bad password error
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@cincytriguyHello, for some reason the upgrade did not update the database. You can make a backup of the catalog and send it to my mail. If there is confidential information in the catalog, you can only send _daminion to me. Another option, if you know postgres I can write commands to create missing columns, but the first option is better. 

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Also I don't understand how to backup the catalog. When I launch Daminion Server Administration and go to catalogs, select my catalog, select Actions, then select backup. It asks for a location to store the catalog but there's no button to actually start the backup.

EDIT: Nevermind, I adjusted my display scaling and a Start button appeared. I was able to make a backup.



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1 hour ago, cincytriguy said:

Hi Oleg, thanks for replying. I actually do have confidential information in the catalog file. What gets sent if I only send _daminion? And I don't necessarily know postgres but I work in IT and am familiar with scripting languages so if you have some commands I could execute, I have no problem trying that.

_daminion сontains information about users on the system, but the password is encrypted. I'll just update the database in my office and send it to you. 

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Click start menu and type pgadmin4, launch the application.

If you can't find it, it is located at the following path: C:\Program Files (x86)\PostgreSQL\pgAdmin 4\bin 
If you have never run it before it will ask you to enter a master password, enter any password and remember it.
In the left column select Servers and enter the default password for postgres.
Expand database and select database _daminion , right click and select query too.

Enter the following commands:

ALTER TABLE public.users_in_roles ADD COLUMN "type" integer

UPDATE public.users_in_roles
    SET type=0
    WHERE user_name='admin';

This will restore the admin user. Replace admin with your other users and run the query again.

If you are using the daminion login scheme . If you are using AD USERS or AD GROUPS, you'd better wait for me to edit it myself

I recorded a video to make it clearer:


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