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Metadata Export to XMP


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The only way at the current Daminion version to extract the metadata from the image files (CR2, or any other formats) is to write a custom Export Addon using our Daminion Export SDK.


You can also do this by ExifTool:


Batch Processing


When batch-generating sidecar files from many images, the -o form of the command is easier to use:

exiftool -ext EXT -o %d%f.xmp -r DIR


where DIR is the name of the directory containing the images. Multiple -ext options may be used to process different file types in a single command.


However, this technique can not be used to add information to XMP sidecar files that already exist. For this, the -tagsFromFile form must be used:


exiftool -ext xmp -tagsfromfile %d%f.EXT -r DIR


But note that this command searches for the XMP files instead of the image files, so it will not generate new XMP sidecar files if some images don't have them. For this, the advanced (ie. tricky and confusing to use) -srcfile option comes in handy:


exiftool -ext EXT -tagsfromfile @ -srcfile %d%f.xmp -r DIR


Any of these forms may be used to process files stored in a directory other than the directory containing the images. For instance,


exiftool -ext EXT -o DSTDIR/%f.xmp -r SRCDIR


will output XMP files to DSTDIR with information from images in SRCDIR.


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