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Keyboard shortcuts for tag selection


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OK, so I am all for making my life easier and finding easier ways to do repetitive things and tasks.


Selecting tags are one of these tasks that is greatly simplified by key press + click combinations. We are already using this when holding down Crtl key and Ctrl + Alt keys to select multiple tags.


Can we use the Shift key in the same way to make the "without subtag" selection easier and not to have to open right click menu every time...?


I would love to hear what other Daminion testers think ! Please see below where I have listed the 5 types of selection behaviours.


Please note: Daminion is already using behaviour 1,2 & 4 and we are all familiar with this. Behaviours 3 & 5 are what I am suggesting we add, extending behaviour on the keyboard with Shift key. These permutations of the Ctrl, Alt & Shift keys with click makes perfect sense (extending existing behaviour) because the keys are adjacent and can be accessed with one hand in all combinations.


1.Default behaviour: left click without key press


Selects one tag (with sub tags) at a time only (radio button behaviour)





2. Left click + Ctrl


Selects multiple tags (with sub tags)




3. Left click + Shift (NEW)


Selects multiple tags (without subtags)



At the moment you have to right click each tag and select context menu item. It would be easier to just hold Shift and click.


4. Left click + Ctrl + Alt

Excludes multiple tags (with sub tags)




5. Left click + Shift + Alt (NEW)


Excludes multiple tags (without sub tags)




At the moment you have to right click each tag and select context menu item. It would be easier to just hold Shift + Alt and click.

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