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It seems when I'm applying tags to my images, Daminion renames them to ._00_<filename> temporary. But sometimes it doesn't rename them back to <filename> and I have to do that manually. I think the possible reason is files are stored in the SkyDrive folder and SkyDrive application locks files to synchronize them with cloud so Daminion can't get access to rename them. Of course I can disable SkyDrive for time when I'm working with catalog, but it's not convenient. Is there any solution?


Daminion 0.9.5 build 574

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Thanks for the bug-report!


There is a problem with the Adobe XMP Toolkit that we use to write XMP into the files. I found by Google the same complains to Adobe Bridge and Premier regarding this issue.


Could you please help us to reproduce the issue:

- What Daminion version do you use?

- Does the problem is 100% reproducible on your computer?

- Does you open/edit the "problematic" in external applications?

- Does the problem is occurs with JPEG images only?

- Could you please send me a few of these images: with _00_ prefix and the original image?

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- I used Daminion 0.9.5 build 574, today I installed build 583, the problem still exists.

- Yes, I'm pretty sure the problem is 100% reproducible. It happens almost every time when I perform mass update of the tags. But now I noticed this happens when I change Place tags (Country, State...). A couple of times I changed Event tags and Keywords of big amount of images, and that did not cause the problem.

- When I was working with Daminion, I didn't open those files in the external applications. I even disabled SkyDrive for that time.

- I can't say that. In Daminion I work with JPEG images only.

- I'll send a few images to support email shortly

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