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M2TS/MTS support


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BDAV (.MTS & .M2TS) format will be supported in the Daminion 0.8.3 version.


Thanks for adding support for the M2TS file format. I have M2TS files from Sony; and using the PMB software from Sony to import the files created .MODD and .MOFF files.


The .MODD files contain the Creation Date time stamp. It'll be really handy to extract the Creation Date from the associated .MODD file to use in Daminion. As of now, Daminion uses the Date Modifeid stamp for the Creation Date of these files. This makes it difficult to correlate photos with videos of the same event.


This link has some ideas for deciphering what is essentially an XML file.


Thanks for your consideration.

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I'm not sure the different between "Video Metadata" and "XMP" of https://daminion.net/feature-tour/daminion/broad-format-support . I think "Video Metadata" means write meta data into file directly and "XMP" means write metadata to an external .XMP file?


So I test it. The result is I can use Daminion for MTS and it can read/write external XMP files, but not internal .mts file. And I also try to use MKV file and get the same result.


Is it correct?

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