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Daminion crashed importing files: how to find the file that is causing this?


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I am trying to import a folder with about 5000 images and videos. Somewhere in the import process, daminion first hangs and then crashes. This happens at file 1357 of 5012.

If I open daminion again I see 1356 imported files in the database with thumbnails.

When I try to import the folder again, the same problem happens again (file 1357 of 5012 -> daminion hangs for several minutes and then crashes).


How can I find out which file is causing this? Is there a log somehere where I can find out what file was imported last? Or another method?


It seems that the import does not happen alphatically (I have imported files from A-Z). So I can not just sort my files in a files manager and pick out file #1357...

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Yes. It's possible. Please launch Daminion from the command line (Start > Run) with log_enable parameter, for example:


"c:\Program Files\Daminion Software\Daminion\Daminion.exe" log_enable


then press Ctrl + F12 (or F12 in previous program versions) key combination. A window with log folder will appear.


Try to import the files again and when the error message will appear please send me the log files and if it's possible the file that caused the problem.



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