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Kia Ora from New Zealand.


This program looks so good, and I'm really keen to understand it's workings. Please excuse my lack of knowledge but what does 'catalog tags' do, and how do you make them work. I've read the manual but I'm sad to say I just cannot get my teeth around it. It appears that you drag a photo into one of those many tags, is that right? then what? how many tags can you drag a photo into? I've tried to do that but nothing happens.


Can someone please explain this to me in a very simplified manner, as I'm a very slow learner.


Many thanks and regards to all.

Jim, zl2bmh.

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Kia Ora, Haere Mai Jim :wink:


Having short demo reels will be very helpful here, but this is in our future plans.


Tags are the easy way to quickly describe your photos and find them later.


Each photo might contains a lot of tags (Keywords, People, Categories, etc...) or just one tag (Rating, Color Label, Camera Model, Place, Title, etc...). It depends from the tag.


To assign multiple photos to multiple tags - select a few photos and drag them to a Tag in the Catalog Tags panel. Once you do it the Catalog Tags panel switches to "Assign Mode", and now you can just click on the next Tag to assign it to selected files. No necessary to drag the images to the second tag again. Then click on the third tag and so on.


After completing the assignment job, click on the "Return to Filter Mode" button located in the bottom of the "Catalog Tags" panel. Once you do it you will see a lot of Radiobuttons near the each tag.


Clicking on a RadioButton will display all the photos that contain this tag. If you hold the Ctrl key and click to another RadioButton you can construct more complex queries, for example: show all photos that contain Jim AND Murat, taken in New Zeland at July'2012, by Canon 40D OR Canon 30D.

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