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Difference Home Server and Server Pro


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On 8/3/2020 at 10:08 PM, Nordlicht said:

what is the difference between the home server version and the server pro version?

Hello Matthias,

one difference, I am aware of, is the fact that home server doesn't really have "user profiles", i.e. you do not sign in under a certain user profile and all activities are charged to "admin". Nevertheless the Daminion server counts how many times you started the client concurrently. For example, if you purchased only one user license and start the client and want to start the client a second time before closing it on the first computer, the connection will be refused. I assume, the same happens, if you start the desk client and the Web client concurrently, but I did not test it.

There was another difference, but it doesn't come to my mind right now ... 😞


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