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Photos on Map in new window?

Peter S

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It would be great if you could view photos in a new window such that you could easily switch between the normal Daminion window and the map window, via ALT TAB. At the moment you can either have a small docked window (which takes up your space) or a large window where you can't easily switch back to the normal Daminion window.

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@Peter, I agree and would prefer that too, since Alt-Tab is the fastest way to navigate between various windows!

8 hours ago, Peter S said:

switch between the normal Daminion window and the map window

For that, I use a different approach: For the Map (as well as the Tags and sometimes also for Tags #2), I use free floating panels. While not using them, I move them down to the bottom of the display, while not needed. Only the Properties panel stays docked at the right most of the time.


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