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Support for more video formats and one issue.


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Your program is great. I searched the web for such program for a long time and found yours to be the one i needed. I am computer specialists and work for big companies like HP and telecom carriers.

If you like i can help you with bug reports.


So now on topic: Can you please include more video formats in the supported?


Also i found this bug for one MPEG format i have:


If you need logs i can send them to you.

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Hi Dave,


Thanks for your suggestion and your input! I appreciate it. We use MPlayer (binary) to generate video thumbnails and MediaInfo to extract video metadata. So any format that are supported by MPlayer could be incorporated into Daminion.


The next minor Daminion version will be shipped with the latest MPlayer version. Or you can download it by yourself and copy it to the Daminion\MediaProcessors\VideoProcessor folder.


Could you please uploaded me one of those video files?

I've emailed you the ftp info.



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Thank you for this information.


I sent e-mail with some details back to you.


I also updated the mplayer binaries but the version on the mplayer site dates from 12-7-2011 and the same formats are recognized if i add the same folder again.

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MPlayer incorrectly generates previews for some video formats (DVR-DS, WTV, MPEG).


If I specify a direct frame offset (-ss argument) let say 94 for a video file with 1000

frames. May be MPlayer incorrectly determines the total number of frames?


However it works fine if I set -ss=0.


So on the next minor version Daminion will render the first video frame for above 3 formats.

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