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Assigned properties vs properties available for searching


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I'm expanding my use of Daminion to catalogue my PDFs.  I've just completed one huge batch and have now realised that some  of the standard  properties fields that can be assigned to an item(on the right hand side of the screen) are  not available for use in selecting on  the left hand side of the screen.  

I've attached a screenshot of the left hand side compared to the right hand sde, for the "Description" block   Of the 6 fields missing from this  block, i'm only interested in 1, which is the field actually called "Description".

Can I get to this on the left hand side please?

If not, is this likely to be made available in the near future please?     If not, I will just create another custom field.

Thank you for your help




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Only tags which have a "limited number of values that can be assigned to multiple files" can appear in the tag tree. It seems, this attribute does not apply to all six tags you listed.

If your intention is to be able to search for all items containing a certain text in the Description tag, this is possible anyway: Just use the Advanced Search instead of the tags tree:



If you really need the tag tree and want to use a custom tag, make sure to select the option "Tag has limited number of values that can be assigned to multiple files":




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