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Build 331 does not work


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I installed the latest build (331) and I get an error message saying “Daminion DAM system for small teams has stopped working” (translated from Norwegian). The details (in Norwegian):



Stopped working



Navn på problemhendelse: CLR20r3

Problemsignatur 01: daminion.exe

Problemsignatur 02:

Problemsignatur 03: 4de3c315

Problemsignatur 04: mscorlib

Problemsignatur 05:

Problemsignatur 06: 4d4f14f6

Problemsignatur 07: 41bf

Problemsignatur 08: a3


OS-versjon: 6.1.7601.

ID for nasjonal innstilling: 1044


I use Windows 7 64 bit with 12 GB ram and Intel i7 prosessor.


Jøran Toresen

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Follow up


I uninstalled Daminion using Control Panel. Installed build 331. And got this message at startup: "Last session was emergency shutdown. Do you wish open recent catalog?". I selected Cancel.


Damion started. But I got the stopped working message when I tried to open my last Catalog.


Then I tried to create a new Catalog and got this error message when I wanted to save the new catalog:


"No object named 'LocalCatalogMediumManager' is defined: Cannot find definition for object [LocalCatalogMediumManager].


Jøran Toresen

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