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Sharing a Catalog with Synology Drive

Paul Barrett

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I experimented with sharing a Daminion catalog in Synology Drive (Drive). The photos were also shared using Drive.


The two PC's were happy to open the catalog file but if I made a keyword change on one PC, closed the catalog there, then opened the catalog on the other PC, the change was not reflected. Auto sync is on on both PCs


If I look at the metadata on the file from the two PCs I see that the tag appears on one PC but not on the other. Conclusion - although both PCs are directed to the same folder, each one is seeing a different version of the file


My guess is that the versioning that is built into Synology Drive may be the cause of this. Has anyone else tried this?


- Paul

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Assuming that the problem was that the two installations of Daminion were using different versions of the file, I created a new team Folder to a new share where versioning was turned OFF. Thus the two PCs would be forced to use the same version of the file because there was only one.


It didn't work. The catalog could be opened on one PC and would see all the images in the Team Folder, but when you closed the catalog and then opened it on the other PC, all the image links showed as broken.


So it looks as though having a shared catalog based on Synology Drive is not a workable proposition. That's a shame. Had it worked it would have provided a much simpler solution than Home Server for one man bands

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