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Keyword Conversion Challenge

Paul Barrett

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Hi Folks


My tags are all keywords because that is what Synology Photo Station uses. I can't use any of the dedicated Daminion fields for People, Places, Events etc.


My keyword tags are currently hierarchical. I am toying with the idea of flattening them because that is what Photo Station and moments expect.


So I am thinking about the best way to take, for example, an address that it's the format





Collingwood Drive


and converting that to:


Collingwood Drive Hexham Northumberland England


and applying it to the same images as the original


Oh, and doing for all 854 tags


I can probably do the tag reformat in Excel, but that doesn't help with assigning the images to the new tags.


Perhaps I should export the tags, reformat them and re import them so i have new and old tags in the library, then manually assign the new tags manually by selecting acch old keyword in turn and dragging and dropping the new keyword onto the images?


I'd appreciate any comments on my insane idea.

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