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Using Daminion with a Synology NAS Drive

Paul Barrett

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The introduction of a new package called Synology Drive opens up some new options for implementing Daminion. They are not earth shattering, just different.


Drive is Synology's answer to Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive and allows you to create a set of sync tasks between folders on the DiskStation and corresponding folders on your local hard drive. The downside is, you have to have a mirror of the NAS files on your local disc, so it needs to be big enough to accommodate them. The upsides are:


  1. You can point Daminion's catalogue at the local HDD and achieve local drive performance.
  2. This speeds up Daminion significantly
  3. Because it's a 2-way sync, any edits you make to an image in Photo Station or Moments will be available, to Daminion locally


Implications for Home Server


  1. Not huge: .
  2. If you regularly make edits through Photo Station / Moments, you will still need to rescan the folders to reflect the changes in Daminion manually or use the Home Server watch service
  3. The same applies If you regularly import images directly to the NAS, for example using USB Copy or your PC's Explorer/Finder.

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