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Synology's new photo app "Moments"

Paul Barrett

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(Apologies for the double post but I posted in the Daminion Server thread by mistake.)

I mentioned this new app in some earlier posts and said i would come back with some information, when known.


I have been testing it for about 6 weeks now. I gave it a thorough soak test by copying my entire Daminion Library contents into Moments and then compared it to Synology Photo Station, and to Daminion to a lesser extent.


So, how does it compare?


The headline is that, for the typical Daminion home user it doesn't. End of. It's target audience is the smartphone user with a tiny library and little need or desire to organise it.


From a Photo Station perspective it's also a different paradigm.

  • Photo Station uses a central library concept (which is why it is a good companion to Daminion)
  • Moments' Library is buried deep within a user's home directory. I haven't tried linking to it from Daminion but I know it will be even more challenging, not the least because you can't map it as a network drive
  • It is private by default whereas Photo Station is open.
  • You can issue public shares, but only a the level of an individual photo
  • A link to a photo gallery for a subject requires you to login to Moments which rules it out dor my family history site where I link to photo galleries for individuals.
  • Photo Station's metadata data management is poor. Moments' is even worse.

Other issues:

  • Moments Face recognition is far superior to Photo Station's. It is quicker and much more accurate
  • But when it misidentifies a face there's no way to correct it
  • It has auto subject recognition
  • But the categories are not ones likely to appeal to Daminion users
  • And they are very, very inaccurate
  • It recognises GPS data embedded in an image and tries to assign a place label based on that info.
  • But it does a terrible job, producing labels that bear little relation to the actual place
  • It recognises keywords generated by Daminion
  • But, just like Photo Station, it doesn't handle hierarchical keywords
  • All of these categories, Face, Place, Subject, Keyword Tags, are presented in random order with no ability to sort them
  • It doesn't parse the Date / Time Original filed correctly and when it fails to do so, falls back to the Date / Time Modified for sorting purposes, which means that photos that are dated 1904 appear in the timeline as 2017.


  1. It's no replacement for Photo Station
  2. It can't link to Daminion
  3. There's still a crying need for a Synology Daminion package

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