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Synology Photo Station versus Moments

Paul Barrett

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For those of you who are using Daminion with Synology Photo Station, Synology have just released a new product called Moments into beta.


It may be a game changer. The UI is slick and the app works without needing the confusing array of settings that Photo Station has.


The downside is that there does not appear to a central library. Users store images in their personal space and share them. I am investigating whether a special defined user could be used to mimic a central library.


Stay tuned and if you want to join the beta program you can do so easily - just follow the links in the footer on their web page.


- Paul

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Synology themselves have said that Moments is not a replacement for Photo Station and is intended for casual users, not large library owners. That rules out using it as a web UI for Daminion users.


The UI is slick but, under the hood, a lot is broken. Some will be fixed as part of beta but there are some terrible design decisions, such as, the only sort order for images is "Data Last Modified"


- Paul

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