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Starting Daminion with Photoshop


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Hi everybody,

There is a strange beaviour but only on one machine.

Sometimes when starting Daminion, it only shows a small recatangle on the upper left corner and won't start. The only difference with other machines, that there is Photoshop installed on this machine. The user usually starts Photoshop first, uses it for a while, and after it starts Daminion, but sometimes it produces the above mentioned weird things.

Not always. Today when this thing happened again, I realised that Photoshop uses 2,9 GB of memory (there are 16 GB physical memory installed). If I closed Photoshop, after it Daminion could start. If I open again Photoshop but it only uses some 200 MB memory, Daminion could start.


Is there any relation between these things? Daminion and Photoshop?




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