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[1623] Search for Creation Datetime "= x" changes to "> x-1 and < x+1" after "Go Back" and results in "No items match ..."


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With the standalone client 5.0 Build 1623 (and possibly earlier too), I noticed a strange behavior with searches containing "Creation Datetime equals dd.mm.yy":

  1. Start a search containing the condition for a single date
  2. Invoke another search with different arguments
  3. Go back to the previous search using either the "Go Back" button, menu option View->Go Back or Alt+Left short cut

At this point the condition "Creation Datetime equals dd.mm.yy" changes to "Creation Datetime > dd-1.mm.yy AND < dd+1.mm.yy". This looks a little confusing, but it should bring the same results as the search in step 1. However, it does not and results in "No items match your search criteria" instead.


At this point I can solve the situation by modifying the search argument using the Advanced Button and changing "Creation date after" to "Creation date equals".



I just played a bit with the search and noticed changing the search to "Creation Datetime > dd-2.mm.yy AND < dd+1.mm.yy" did work correctly and after that, the above described procedure works fine too! In other words: For now, I cannot reproduce this behavior anymore, but have seen it several times in the past. No idea, what triggers it.

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