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Move Files to different destination folder


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i have a big problem with my Daminion albums.


For the last year i transferd photos into Daminion.

I always just had 1 destination file on my USB-Stick.

//daminion catalogs


I don't know why but now i found 2 folders on my USB Stick

//daminion catalogs


//daminion databank


How can i bring all the photos from the second folder into the first folder without loosing the information

in Daminion. If I try it manualy, Daminio says the file is offline and cant find it anymore.


I only like to have just one folder where all the photos are in.


Anyone with a solution ?


Thanks for your help.



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If I try it manually, Daminio says the file is offline and cant find it anymore.

After moving a sub-folder "manually", e.g. using Windows Explorer outside of Damion, you need to "relink" it. In Daminion right click the folder and select "Relink folder ...". Then you can update the location of the folder, in other words choose a different parent folder so Daminion can find it again.

There should be also possibilities to perform the complete task within Daminion by either drag and drop or cut and paste the folders, but I believe I read in this forum there were some problems recently with that function and I never tried it myself.

Btw. what version of Daminion are you using?

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