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Keyword Tag Not Updating (1582)

Paul Barrett

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I am having an issue with keywords not updating. It's not a common situation but it must happen from time to time. Please refer to the attached image:





I was tagging an image (A) with keywords when I noticed that a name was spelt incorrectly (B) Michelle only spells her name with one l. So I went to the keyword panel and edited her name so that it was correct. ©. I added a synonym in case I misspell it again in the future.


I pulled up all the images that were tagged with that Keyword, picked one at random and checked the metadata on teh file, It showed the corrected keyword.


I went back to the image I was working on and saved it. When I checked the metadata for the image it still showed the old spelling (D, E, F, G), and so does the Properties Panel. I have tried rewriting the fata but it makes no difference. I have moved to another file and come back again to check if it is a refresh issue, but the incorrect data is still there.


It appears the only way I can fix this is to delete the incorrect keyword and apply the new one, So I started doing that. The things got even weirder.


I deleted the incorrect keyword. Then I went to the keyword tag box in properties panel and typed her name in. I got a prompt box for both the incorrect and correct entries (A) in image below:





Puzzled, I went over to the keyword tags panel/ There was only one entry, teh correct one. Wait, scroll down teh list to the very end, and there is another entry for the incorrect name. (B)


So this raises two issues:


  1. During the process of updating the spelling of the keyword, Daminion has lost the link on the record I was working on from the modified keyword tag and has created a new one with the incorrect spelling.
  2. By deliberate design that 'new' keyword has been placed completely out of sight, way off screen, at the end of the long list of people names. That may be the design but it drives me crazy. I need it to be in the correct alphabetic order and highlighted in purple as a new 'unapproved' keyword. Please can we have an option to do that instead of the default way?


- Paul

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