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Daminion server roadmap questions


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I have a few very general questions about the future. I know you are not too happy about promising releasedates and such, so I will be happy with even vague answers :-)

My main (only?) interest in Daminion is for the planned multi-client features, and this leads to a few questions:


1) What is the general road-map regarding Daminion-server? Is the planned for availability (betatesting) alongside "Daminion" or is this something you won't be starting on before the stand-alone version is "finished"?


2) If I import and do a lot of work in the stand-alone Daminion, will I be able to "export" this to a server at a later time?


3) Do you have any remote ideas of the final pricing for these tools? I am looking for a solution solely for private use - just so my wife and I can have a shared repository for our pictures and meta-data, and both access this from our separate laptops (1 or 2 windows and 1 mac, but that is a different issue). This means that I am very interested in hearing whether a solution in this range (1 server, 2-4 clients) will be priced in a range where it is accesible for hobbyists with a tight budget. I am really desperate for an affordable solution to fit these needs, and would be happy to spend time beta-testing, but only if I can look forward to actually using the software in the future.


If you haven't decided on pricing just yet, then take this as a suggestion for a cheap entry-level "family" package (1 server, relatively few (maybe 5) clients, but please no cap on the number of pictures/resources). From my point of view, a (cheaper) "non-commercial use only" license version would be fully acceptable.


I hope you can answer at least some of these questions

I am really looking forward to testing the server solution, as I have found nothing else available that remotely fullfils this need in anything close to a home-solution budget.


Regards Jan Krag


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Hi Jan,


Very good questions!


1. We develop Daminion and Daminion Server parallel. Both products are used many common code. Plus the Daminion Standalone version will be used to connect to the Daminion Server and work with the shared server based catalogs (along with the local ones)!

We'll put a subscription option on the Daminion Server download page where anyone could subscribe to Daminion Server news, and get a notification once we'll released the Server.


2. We plan to add a "Move Item(s)" feature that allows you to move items from a catalog to another one. So you could select the files on a local catalog and move them to a shared catalog. If this way will be too slow we'll considered to implement some importing options.


3. I see the next possible options here:

- Daminion Home Server for a low price (in comparison with Daminion Server)

- Subscription model. You pay low price but each month.






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