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Delinked Images

Paul Barrett

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Over the last few days I have had a recurring problem with images becoming de-linked.


I am scanning several hundred negatives.


The workflow goes something like this:


1. Scan to local hard drive

2. Post scan editing to rotate, crop, recolour etc

3. Move edited image to 'transfer' folder on local hard drive, ready for upload to NAS

4. Add images in Daminion, placing them in a dedicated Uploads\Scans folder (this is a working area)

5. Geo tag,keyword tag and adjust File Creation Date

6. Move to 'year' folder based on file Creation Date


What is happening, repeatedly, is that while images are sitting in the working area 'Uploads\Scan', waiting to be processed, they are becoming delinked.


The images are NOT missing. I can use the relink option to relink the catalog entry to the image, which is located exactly where it should be - the same location that is shown on the Daminion properties panel.


Has anyone else seen this behaviour please? And know how to avoid it?






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