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Folders Not Syncing

Paul Barrett

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Morning all


I have an issue with folders not syncing


See screenshot.


Column 1 is folders view in Daminion. Column 2 is the folder view on my NAS. Col 3 is the view of the Daminion Server panel showing the service is running.


Block A on the NAS is still present despite the fact that it was deleted from Daminion Catalog


Block B is partially replicated on the server but one folder is missing in Daminion that is present on the NAS


I have manually rescanned the folders in Daminion.to no effect.


What am I doing wrong please?




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OK so, I have worked a few things out and Daria has given me some pointers.


Auto scan is now back on and seems to be working fine across my whole library.


I have learned that Daminion folder scanning will not add the folder to the catalog if the folder is empty


As to why there was a block of folders on the NAS that had been deleted from Daminion, who knows why that happened. I deleted them on the NAS.


Normal service has been restored.



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