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Daminion Server and PC Sleep Mode

Paul Barrett

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I save electricity by setting my PC to auto sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity, although I disable this if I am doing a large read/write of metadata.


But when I awaken my PC Daminion has popped up an error message because it has lost connection to the server.


The problem is, it's not visible on the Daminion screen. - I have to switch to it. But not until I have spent a few seconds wondering why Daminion keeps pinging an error sound at me when I try to use it!


I am not prepared to disable sleep mode, for environmental reasons.


Is there any way to make Daminion handle the error more elegantly? For example. is there a way to stop the modal box appearing with the error message? After all, we have the big red 'Server Disconnected' button on the main screen. Do we need anything else?





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