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Please, do not change time stamps in photos (XMP)


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These date and time values are in the (original) Exif part of one of my pictures:


* Date and time (digitized): 2003-08-23T19:25:57

* Date and time (original) : 2003-08-23T19:25:57


These date and time values are reported (by Picture Information Extractor) in the XMP part of this picture after importing to Daminion:


* Date and time digitized: 2003-08-23T19:25:57+02:00

* Date and time original : 2003-08-23T19:25:57+02:00


This exif info is written to the XMP-file:

* exifateTimeOriginal="2003-08-23T19:25:57+02:00"

* exifateTimeDigitized="2003-08-23T19:25:57+02:00"


This indicates that the pictures were taken 2 hours before GMT - just because I live in Norway (and corrected for daylight saving time). But Daminion has absolutely NO information about where the pictures were taken and whether I changed the clock on my camera to local time (corrected for daylight saving time) before I took the picture, or not.


So, please do not change the time stamp in my photos (in the XMP part). This behavior is one of several reasons I do not use ACDSee (home and pro).


Jøran Toresen

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