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VERY slow import


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Circa 1500 Sony RAWs import takes over 2 days :(

Daminion standalone the latest version, Windows 7/64, 16 GB RAM, Intel 7i.

Sample 8 files to play with:



-- M.



Another set of circa 500 ARW files: import starts at 10:00, current time 16:04, progress 50%.

Murat, is this a Sony files feature or Daminion wrong setup? What is the work behind the scenes that takes Daminion so much time? Can I switch some options off to make import faster?

Pls advise.

-- Mariusz Lewandowski

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Thanks for reply



Can you please send me a few sample ARW files to support/at/daminion/dot/net

I've uploaded 8 files to Dropbox. Please take a look at the link provided in my first post.


Do you see the same issues with another image formats?

No. I have Pentax K3II and Canon 7DII cameras - no issues with import. Only the Sony RX100II ARW files imports annoyingly slow.


Could you please also send me your Import Windows screenshot.

Attached below.


-- M.


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Mariusz, please replace all iecore.dll files in your Daminion folder (in Program Files) by this new file version:



And try to import a few sample ARW files again.



I replaced two iecore files. Daminion works much faster. After initial lag I was able to import 11 files in 2 minutes. Thank you!

-- Mariusz

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