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AND and OR – OR does not work


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I select the Keywords Peter and Paul (by clicking Peter and Ctrl-clicking Paul). I have preselected the Boolean operator AND, and Daminion shows all pictures containing both Peter and Paul. This is correct.


But I also want to see all pictures containing either Peter or Paul and select the operator OR. But Daminion does not update my selection (“search”). And it does not help if I choose OR and then select the keywords Peter and Paul – Daminion shows the intersection of the two keywords (AND). I'm running the latest build.


Jøran Toresen

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This bug is already fixed. We'll release a minor build during a few days.


As a workaround I suggest you to click on the "Advanced" button right after selecting the multiple tag values. And switch "AND" to "OR" operation and click on the Search button.

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