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Help for Users rights in Daminion Server

Sylvain M.

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We know how you can help that's why after we've read the manual, we didn't find answer.

In our server, we have a folder for each photographer, and some folders shared for the whole team.

We would like, in the main (and only one if possible) shared catalogue, to grant permission to users related to their folder path (for example, Murat can write in Photo\Murat\ folder, but can only read in Photo\Alexis\ folder.

We also have special folders where only administrator can read.


Is it possible in Daminion administration, or do we have to create one catalogue per person ?

(and in this case, how to sync labels between main catalogue and personals catalogues ?)


Thx !



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Uwe Noack, suggested to use Windows Active Directory users to solve this task. You can specify different folder access rights to different AD users and enable Active Directory authentication in the Daminion Server admin panel.


Then you can define different access permission for different AD Users. However these users will be still binded with the same role in all Daminion server catalogs. But different rights for accessing your folders.

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