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Incredibly Slow Import


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I am a relatively new user of the software. I'm running version 4.1.0 (build 1278) on my local Windows 10 PC. This is a powerful PC with 8Gb of RAM and a 7200rpm disk. It performs very well with software that should drag it down more than a platform like this should.


I found an older topic in the Forums on this issue but it seemed to go dead over a year ago with no real solution. I have tested the impact of my anti-virus software. On or off, it makes no difference. Daminion color management is off. The images I'm importing and my catalog are on this local disk. I've tested with putting the catalog on a USB 2.0 drive. No difference. The image files range in size from 150Kb to 4Mb, and the size seems to make no difference to the import speed. I'm testing with a new, empty catalog.


The import speed is horrible for both initial presenting of the thumbnails, and the actual import. The software is unusable for me if this is the way it is to perform.


Thanks for any assistance or clarification.



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Hi Bill. Thanks for your feedback!


What is the average import speed in your case?


Importing speed relies from many factors:

- Whether you use local or server catalog (importing to server catalogs are up to 4-5 times faster)

- Location of importing files (importing from network folders are slower)

- Checked "Copy To" option in the import window also decreases the importing speed

- Your PC configuration (free RAM/CPU)

- Importing format and file size (importing of 5MP JPEGs are faster than 30MP TIFF files)

- Active background processes. When syncing is turned On, it might impract to import speed.


Import speed of 8MP JPEGs on my PC (i5/16gb) from local drives is about 200 files/ min.

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Yes, I understand all those factors and have certainly considered them. And I believe I addressed all of them but two in my post. I am running an AMD FX-6300 Six-Core processor-3.50 GHz (I have more than enough machine to make small work of a task like this). And I am not copying the files on import.


I just ran a test import of 10 JPGs with a total size of 38Mb. Took 42 seconds just to show the 10 thumbnails. Took an additional 48 seconds (total 1.5 minutes) for the actual import.


Thanks for your help.



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I'm just running the free version of the software. To the best of my knowledge, I don't have access to the Daminion Server.


I don't have the default windows jpgs on my disk. However, the images I've been testing with are all Lightroom exports. So, I have tested with numerous other JPGs I have laying around in varying file sizes. File size makes no difference- all JPGs have the problem. Those I've been testing with from the beginning average 250Kb in size.


Interestingly, I just imported a dozen TIFF files averaging 2.0Mb in size. They zipped through the import process in seconds. Also, a dozen BMP files ranging in size from 750Kb to 1.5Mb zipped through import.


What's up with the JPGs? Those I've tested with now are from a WIDE variety of sources, not just Lightroom export.



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I did multiple copies of these images (192) and import them into my Daminion 1394 (i5/16GB RAM)

Local Catalog: average import speed was 100 files per minute

Server Catalog: average import speed was 200 files per minute


It seems something interferers to the import process of these jpeg files on your PC.


Remote access might shed a light to this issue.

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