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Automatic metadata sync: initially all files written


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I just installed Daminion in order to evaluate it and I like what I see. However, there is one thing that I find a bit strange:


I added about 15,000 images via the menu item "add files". Then I enabled automatic metadata sync and noticed that the program writes the metadata of all 15,000 files to disk. In other words: it touches every single file even though I have not changed anything!


This should really not be necessary, because the program read all the metadata from the file properties during the "add files" operation. Thus, all files should be in sync initially. However, the contrary seems to be true. Is that there some reason for this that I cannot see?



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Did you check the "Create Categories from Folder names" option or set an "Assign Tag Preset" in the Import window before importing files?


Yes, I checked "Create Categories from Folder names". Is that the reason, ie. does it add a category to each image which - of course, is not present in the metadata on disk?

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This is the reason of such behavior. After checking this option Daminion added new categories to all your importing images (equal to your folder names). So after importing all your image collection contained new category tags that were embedded into images by the Sync command.

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