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Import of Photos from a memory card


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If I "add new files" from a memory card Daminion saves in his database the path of the card. When I take out the card DAM cannot naturally find the Photos. In picajet I could set a path to save the picture - is it in DAM possible to import and save pictures in one step also or what must I do? I use the latest version of DAM. I had like a standard path only for Daminion in which I can import my Photos from cards or other drives.

I want not to use Roboimport.

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You need to manually (or via RoboImport) copy your photos to a hard drive, and the import to Daminion.


The prototype of the Camera Importer is ready - it will be implemented in the future.



Thank you, I´ll wait for the Camera Importer. The first solution brings a problem - I have all Photos in one path, for expl

F:/photos and I import from my camera to this und import them into DAM - the next day I get new photos in the same path, so I have new and old photos in the same path and I have no an overview about all pictures, it could be 100 or more and I have a problem.....I hope, that this not exists with the camera importer

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