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[1280] Bug when deleting (Find) duplicate


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I tried find duplicated feature and found 466 duplicates in my catalog.

Ok, I started to delete some duplicates, check trash and everything seems ok.



but, when I resend another "Find duplicates" action, I still have 466 duplicates found!!!


If I select all found duplicates in thumbnail window it says 386 items selected!!


Look likes only 386 duplicates in window.


Seems that when you send again "Find duplicates" action it still display first duplicate counter.



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after removing/deleting duplicates corrupted jpeg files, duplicates counter move down to 140 after launching again "Find duplicates".


After restoring these corrupted from trash into Daminion, Duplicate counter worked correctly.


Looks like this bug has disappered after these corrupted files has been removed/deleted from Daminion.


Probably something wrong in databases.

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Definitely there is bug here with duplicate counter.

From yesterday I had 140 duplicates.

I removed 2 of them (from 3 duplicates)and another one (from 2 duplicates) then launch again "find duplicates", selecting all thumbnail, it says 135 (Ok) but find duplicates counter still display 140 (instead of 135!)



Also, duplicates counter in saved search panel display 135!! (right)


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